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Why Us

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Why Us

We helped many companies to succeed

EUGateway is specialised in providing one-stop solutions for Small&Medium Enterprises to start their e-Commerce business in the European Union.

Most companies delay EU expansion, being intimidated by the complexity of EU regulations, language barriers, cultural differences, customs duty and taxes. Truthfully, expanding your e-Commerce business to the EU can be a huge challenge. But what if someone can guide you through that complex maze? What if you had a back office in the Netherlands to help you? What if you had access to service providers who would help you manage the inventory, shipments, fulfilment, accounting, VAT, import & export and customer service, so that you can sell on many e-Commerce marketplaces? 

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How do you get there?

Which One First?

Online Marketplaces

220 online marketplaces in EU represent tremendous opportunities for your e-Commerce business. But, which marketplaces are suitable for your business? How to open a seller account? How to deal with customer service in local language?

Where and How?

Fulfilment Network

27 countries in EU, where to storage your inventory is cost-efficiently? How to choose a reliable logistics partner? What are the Pros and Cons to use merchant fulfil vs marketplace fulfil? What shipping method should I use for which category product?

Who Can Help?

EU Tax & VAT

Who can handle my complex Value Added Tax (VAT) and administration? Who can help you to deal with the import and export issue, who can handle your tax issue from the tax authority? How to apply the EORI number and article 23?

In Which Country?

Dutch B.V Formation

In most of the cases, you need an EU entity to manage the business. But, in which country should I establish my entity? What are the Pros and Cons? How much it cost? What are the requirements? What are the regulations and obligations?

How? How Much?

Open Bank Account

Nowadays, opening an EU bank account can be very complicated. But, having a bank account is essential to operate your business. We can help you to find the alternative and guide you through the process to get the IBAN number in EU.

Business Automation

Integrated Systems

Your goal is to sell on as many as possible marketplaces. But, how to manage multiple seller accounts, and customer orders? How to integrate your web-shop with different marketplaces? How to consolidate customer orders with fulfilment warehouse?

WHY US: List
WHY US: List
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