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Your Local Office in the EU

Be Your Front Or Back Office In the EU

If you need to start a project or a business in Europe, you would normally need to establish a team to run your operation. But you want to make the best use of your resources and minimise your risks of entering an unknown market. Outsourcing part of your business activities could be a better solution for you.

EUGateway can work with you to implement your new projects or manage your existing project portfolio to achieve your business goals. Our project management service lowers your initial market expansion investment, as you don’t need a team in Europe before establishing your business. Our familiarity with the local markets will significantly reduce your risks in entering these marketplaces.

Do you need a strategic partner for your European business? Do you need a local point of contact (front or back office) in Europe? Do you want to expand your markets and achieve your pre-defined business objective, but lack of resources or expertise to carry out the work?

With our many years of experience in managing different size projects, we can successfully implement your project by achieving your predefined objective and deliverables. We work on either a long-term cooperation or individual assignment basis, depending on your business needs.

Project at a glance:

E-tailer project in China

EUGateway was acting as strategic business partner for Currencies Direct - a UK financial institution to manage and implement their China project successfully.

Major achievements include:

In two years time, Currencies Direct has become one of the most important service providers in China, and both the number of clients as well as the revenue has increased substantially.

The main responsibilities include:

  • Assist the client to develop the market strategy.

  • Acquire, select, and engage with new partners for the e-tailer project in China.

  • Manage with the partner to promote the service in China.

  • Continuously promote and acquire new partners and customers.

  • Manage partner relationships and act as a contact window for operation issues.

  • Create and implement business processes, operating manuals, reporting, and control mechanisms to maintain customer satisfaction.

  • Provide training and advise to new partners.

  • Monitor partner performance and service levels, and hold initial weekly meetings with partners

  • Work closely with partners to solve any structural problems to improve the customer experience.

“We help you to manage your project or your business activities in Europe”

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