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Build Integration System

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Data System Automation

Your Product Data, Orders, Fulfilment Can Be Automated

Once you are selling on different e-Commerce marketplaces, other challenges emerge: You will need an effective integrated solution that can support your business in different marketplaces all over Europe.

Your ambition is to sell on as many marketplaces as possible. But, how do you manage multiple seller accounts and customer orders effectively? How do you integrate your web-shop data with different marketplaces? How do you consolidate customer orders from different marketplaces and export to your fulfilment warehouse?

Managing the seller accounts on different marketplaces, updating listings, managing campaigns, and fulfilling customer orders are very time-consuming and fault-sensitive processes. In addition, the manual management and updating of product data is extremely labor intensive and costly. More importantly, the product availability data should be reliable and accurate across marketplaces to avoid discrepancies and potential the potential inability to fulfil customer orders. Therefore, you will need an effective integrated solution. We have a proven solution for you.

Our key automation processes include:

  • Devise and develop the global e-Commerce logistics, data and order fulfilment processes.
  • Establish a customised Web-Shop to build your branding and customer data.

  • Integrate the web-shop data with the interface system to manage product data.

  • Export the product data to different marketplaces via API.

  • Import the customer orders via Interface System to the Web-Shop via API.

  • Export the customer orders to the Logistics Fulfilment Warehouse.

Grow your business! Let us help you automate your process!

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