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EU Fulfilment Network

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Build a Fulfilment Network

Engage With The Best Logistic Providers To Serve Your Customers

You have good products, and have listed them on the marketplaces. But in 27 countries within the EU. what is the most cost-efficient location for storing your inventory? Probably you recognise the following challenges:

  • How to choose a reliable logistics partner? 

  • Who can handle the issues of import and export?

  • How can we deal with the RMA and reverse logistics?

  • Where / in  which country should I store my goods?

  • What shipping method should I use for which category of product?

  • What are the Pros and Cons of using merchant fulfil vs marketplace fulfil?

  • What is the advantage of applying article 23 to the import of goods into the Netherlands?

  • How do you best handle customer service in all the different local languages?

With our years of experiences in e-Commerce and supply chain management, and we have built the network to access the best logistics providers in the Netherlands and in the EU. We have the know-how, we are confident we can find the most suitable logistics provider to support your B2B or B2C business.

We assist you in building your logistics/fulfilment network in Europe.

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