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EUGateway is specialized in providing one-stop services to small and medium-sized enterprises to overcome challenges and finding suitable solutions to problems.

Our key operational models for success include:

  • Devise and develop new business opportunities for e-Commerce.
  • Establish the process and requirements to enter local marketplaces.
  • Select, engage, and cooperate with the EU’s best service providers to offer one-stop services.
  • Assist non-EU companies to enter the local e-Commerce marketplaces in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and many other European countries.
  • Be your local business partner in Europe.

Our main services can help you to enter new local e-Commerce marketplaces, establish the fulfilment network, offer local customer services to your customers, and manage your European projects.

E-Commerce Business

220 online marketplaces represent tremendous opportunities for your e-Commerce business. However, Europe has 50 countries, 200 spoken languages, and 28-plus currencies. This represents a challenge for many SME in terms of marketplace selection and entry, customer service, and adaptation to cultural differences.

“We help you to enter these local e-Commerce marketplaces in Europe”

EUGateway helps you to select and enter the local e-Commerce marketplaces that are most suitable to your business. We offer services to small and medium-sized enterprises to manage order fulfilments, overcome cultural differences, regulation complexity, and language barriers. Your benefit is that you only need to focus on your core business: selling your products. We take care of the rest.

Supply Chain Solutions

Once you are selling on different e-Commerce marketplaces, other challenges emerge: you will need an effective integrated supply chain solution that can support your distribution activities in multiple countries, can bring tangible results to cost-efficiency, customer satisfaction and to reaching your sales targets.

“We help you unlock the potential of  e-Commerce in Europe”

EUGateway is well positioned to offer you customized and integrated supply chain solutions to make your e-Commerce business a success. We consistently devise new solutions for our customers and manage their supply chains in multiple marketplaces, from consultation to implementation and services. The benefits are lowered inventory, shortened delivery lead-time and significant cost savings.

Project Management

If you need to start a project or an assignment in Europe you would normally need to establish a team to run your operation. But you want to make the best use of your resources and minimize your risks of entering an unknown market. Outsourcing part of your business activities could be a better solution for you.

“We help you to manage your project or your business activities in Europe”

EUGateway can work with you to implement your new projects or manage your existing project portfolio to achieve your business goals. Our project management service lowers your initial market expansion investment, as you don’t need a team in Europe before establishing your business. Our familiarity with the local markets will significantly reduce your risks in entering these marketplaces.