Internship E-Commerce and Logistics

Place of work:  Nijmegen

Employment: Internship

Duration: 5-6 months

Field: IBMS / Logistics Management / Business Administration

Remuneration: By agreement

Start date: February 2021 / July 2021

Level: Bachelor's or Master's program

We create and market our branded products in the European Union, the United States, and Canada. Our business has an international focus: our products are designed in The Netherlands, produced in Italy. We manage the whole e-Commerce supply chain; from designing the products, planning the production, managing the international logistics transport, negotiating with logistics service providers, creating campaigns & promotions to provide the best services to our customers. 

Job Description 

In order to manage the e-Commerce supply chain, and support the business growth, we are looking for an intern who will be involved in the logistics and supply chain management. You will actively participate in building and maintaining the sales channels, promoting our products through campaigns. You will be an important member of the team to pursue business opportunities and to expand the business to new markets. You will be mainly managing the daily operations to gain experience in logistics and supply chain management. You will learn how to communicate with suppliers, logistics providers, and customers. 

In addition, you will assist in the management on-going projects with a focus on the European markets and our partners there. More importantly, we offer you a unique environment in which you can use your creativity and knowledge to develop your talent and skills.

If you like challenges and learning new things is in your nature then please join us as an intern. We will work together with you to develop your talent. 

Do you recognise the following profile? 

  • Real skills and expertise will be developed in accordance with your ambition, passion and by doing it. 

  • You are interested in e-Commerce business / Supply chain management / Social media marketing. 

  • You are a critical thinker, and yet accept that your effort is part of the contribution to the company goals. 

  • You have the drive to become an expert in what you are working on. 

  • You set goals for your personal and professional development, and know how to
    achieve them. 

  • Your English level is sufficient. It is a plus if you can speak another language. 

  • You will work in an international environment. 

  • Fulltime position.

  • 5-6 months internship

Keyword Competencies: 

  • Passionate about International Business, Logistics and Supply Chain management

  • Familiar with Social Media Marketing 

  • English level is sufficient 

  • Independent 

  • Accurate 

  • Proactive personality 

  • Results-driven 

  • Willing to take responsibility 

Are you interested in a fast growing E-Commerce business? Do you want to gain logistics and supply chain experience?  This is a unique opportunity for you!

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