• E-Commerce in Europe

What are the opportunities in Europe?

“There are 220 online marketplaces throughout the whole of Europe, demonstrating the popularity of e-Commerce among customers (BVOH).”

Europe is mostly a mature e-Commerce markets,  for merchants, there is plenty of opportunity for growth by expanding into new European markets.

220 online marketplaces are full of opportunity for e-Commerce. However, the first thing that comes to mind when people say “e-Commerce” is Amazon and eBay. But e-Commerce is more than just Amazon and eBay. As you can see on the map, there are 39 Internet marketplaces in Germany alone, 24 in France and 14 in Italy.

However, Europa has 50 countries, more than 200 spoken languages and 28-plus currencies; it represents a spread of cultural differences across the region.

How to unlock the potential of cross border e-Commerce in Europe become a big challenge for many companies.


Expand your business to the Blue Ocean

Do you want to grow your e-Commerce business, increase your sales in Europe? 220 online marketplaces are “Blue Ocean” for your e-Commerce business. Perhaps you have been selling on Amazon, eBay successfully, and you have established your fulfilment network. Enter new e-Commerce marketplaces can be an effective strategy to grow your business and sales. Or you start your e-Commerce business from scratch, we can help you to select the suitable marketplaces and enter these online marketplace.

We help our clients to establish their business from scratch or to expand their existing business.

How to sell on e-Commerce marketplaces

Perhaps you have already been successfully selling on Amazon or e-Bay. But don’t you also want to expand your business to other e-Commerce marketplaces? For most sellers, the answer is: “Yes, but How”?

You probably recognize the following problems and challenges:

  • What other marketplaces are suitable for my products?
  • What are the requirements of each local marketplace?
  • How can we enter these e-Commerce marketplaces?
  • How can we deal with the order fulfillment and RMA?
  • What are the EU distance sell VAT rules and import, export regulations?
  • Do we need a EU entity to operate our business?
  • How to handle local customer service in different languages and understand customer needs?

With our years of experiences in e-Commerce and supply chain management, we know the detailed requirements of different e-Commerce marketplaces, and we help you to select and enter the marketplaces that are most suitable to your business. We help you manage the taxes and different VAT regulations and optimize your fulfillment network. We can handle your local customer services and we understand European customer needs.

The top 50 marketplaces in Europe

1 amazon.de DE 26 aukro.cz CZ
2 amazon.co.uk UK 27 groupon.co.uk UK
3 ebay.de DE 28 ebay.ie IE
4 ebay.co.uk UK 29 ebay.at AT
5 amazon.fr FR 30 zalando.it IT
6 amazon.it IT 31 aukro.ua UA
7 allegro.pl PL 32 groupon.de DE
8 amazon.es ES 33 tradera.com SE
9 ebay.it IT 34 groupon.fr FR
10 mobile.de DE 35 dba.dk DK
11 ebay.fr FR 36 ebay.be BE
12 cdiscount.com FR 37 3suisses.fr FR
13 marktplaats.nl NL 38 molotok.ru RU
14 gittigidiyor.com TR 39 zalando.fr FR
15 tesco.com UK 40 eprice.it IT
16 ebay.es ES 41 vatera.hu HU
17 otto.de DE 42 zalando.pl PL
18 priceminister.com FR 43 kleiderkreisel.de DE
19 zalando.de DE 44 2dehands.be BE
20 fnac.com FR 45 rakuten.de DE
21 kijiji.it IT 46 home24.de DE
22 laredoute.fr FR 47 ebay.pl PL
23 rueducommerce.fr FR 48 zalando.es ES
24 groupon.it IT 49 groupon.pl PL
25 ricardo.ch CH 50 ebay.nl NL