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Start Your e-Commerce Business Today

Selling On EU Marketplace Is Easier Than You Think

In Europe, 220 online marketplaces represent tremendous opportunities for your e-Commerce business. We help our clients to establish their business from scratch or grow their business. We do this by providing the following services:

1. Establish an Entity 

In which country?

In most cases, our customers need an EU entity to manage their business. But, in which country should you establish your entity? What are the Pros and Cons? How much does it cost? What are the requirements? What are the regulations and obligations?

We will answer all these questions, and assist you in setting up your company.

2. Open Bank Account


​Nowadays, opening an EU bank account can be complicated, even if you have already established an EU entity. But, having an EU bank account with an IBAN number is essential for operating your business.

We can help you to find alternatives and guide you through the process of obtaining an IBAN number in the EU.

3. Enter New Marketplaces

Which one first?

Do you want to start your online business in the EU, or have you already been successfully selling on Amazon or e-Bay and want to sell to more marketplaces? But how? Which marketplaces are suitable for your business? How to open a seller account? How to deal with customer services in the local language? 

We will answer all these questions by selecting the most suitable marketplaces for you, and by guiding you through the application process of opening your seller accounts.

4. EU Tax & VAT

Who can help?

What is the EU distance sale and sales thresholds per country? Who can help to manage ICP, import & export , Value Added Tax (VAT) filing, yearly annual reporting and administration of your origination? How to apply the EORI number and article 23, and what is the advantage of importing goods via the Netherlands?

EUGateway is the gateway to access the best service providers who would handle the complex and time-consuming work so you can focus on sourcing, creating, and selling your products. 

“We help you to enter these local e-Commerce marketplaces in Europe”

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