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Oxfam: The Netherlands third largest tax haven

The Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg and Cyprus are among the world’s 15 worst corporate tax havens, according to new Oxfam research published 12 December 2016. The report ‘Tax Battles’ reveals how these tax havens are leading a global race to the bottom on corporate tax that is starving countries out of billions of dollars needed to […]

The key ecommerce trends in 2017

A new year is around the corner and we might see some new things in 2017. Four CEOs of leading Nordic ecommerce companies share their thoughts on what they think will be the key ecommerce trends in 2017. According to Marcus Fredricsson from Swedish car service portal Mekster, dropshipping is over. Customers have stronger demands, which […]

Europe wants to modernise VAT rules for cross-border ecommerce

The European Commission has proposed a plan to improve the VAT rules for cross-border ecommerce in Europe. With this proposal it should be easier for consumers and companies to buy and sell goods and services online. The European Commission wants to introduce a EU-wide portal for online VAT payments, thereby extending the current Mini One […]

What you need to know when expanding to Europe

Sometimes it looks like cross-border ecommerce is an easy task. Just look at the success of global market places such as Amazon and eBay or the international expansion of European players like Asos or Zalando. However, it requires a lot of research, adaptation, flexibility and understanding of the new market to be successful. Due to […]

These are the biggest days for online shopping in Europe

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only one month away and these days mean big business for online retailers across Europe. But in some countries these aren’t the biggest days for online shopping. In the Netherlands and Austria for example, most online revenue is expected to be generated on December 12. See what the biggest […]